Socks and Mama Orion.

March 2017:    Looks like Spring is here full fledged.  The last heifer that was for sale went to her new home on January 1st.  She went to a local family that raises cattle as well as showing cattle.  This was their first Mini Hereford and they are excited to have her and looking forward to showing her.  We know she will do great and look forward to seeing her WIN! 

     All the breeders that I am familiar with had a preponderance of  bull calves in 2016.  I do not know any breeders that have ANY heifers or cows for sale.  These animals will be at a premium for the forseable future.  I have three nice bulls and two nice steers for sale at a reduced price. 

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Coming in Fall 2017:  We will be adding a page for selling "Grass Fed Beef" to our customers.  The processing is done here in Kaufman, Texas.  This will be a new dimension to our business so watch and  help us develop this business and this site.   Thanks 


2017Remember to visit our site often for updates.

Thank you for visiting our web site for miniature cattle.  Rainbow Ranch is our registered name and "Texas Mini Cattle" is our web address.  Established in 1998, I started with Black Brangus.  I began changing to miniature cattle, specifically miniature Herefords in 2009.  I always wanted to get back to my country roots and to raise cattle, but found the standard breed much larger than I (and my 125 acres of land) were prepared to handle. In doing the research, I found many articles and websites about the mini cattle breeds; and, after talking to numerous wonderful people in the miniature cattle breed business I knew I had a match. I could handle and maintain more of the mini cattle on my property and work with our local FFA and 4H programs.

Today I am a proud member of the Hereford Association and the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association. All of my cattle are registered horned or polled Herefords. Take a look above and you will see our herd bull “Dapper Dan”.  He is very docile and enjoys a good scratch when you have the time. On the "Miniature Cattle" and "Miniature Herefords" info pages, you can find general information about miniature cattle and miniature Herefords, as well as many of the facts we found  extremely useful in making our decision. Check out our "Gallery" page for some of our other "critters".  If you’ve already made your decision and you are looking for a miniature Hereford, take a look at our "For Sale" page to see what we have available.

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Breeding & Raising quality, healthy and happy miniature Herefords.

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